Real African bloggers that gave hope to potential Nigerian writers.

They are some African bloggers like Linda  Ikeji, Uche Eze that potential bloggers are looking up to and they are really rendering some hope.

Managing a blog or running a website has  been a serious  business to some people of which some people earn secretly from it. 

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In previous years to run a website is not that popular as only few bloggers are available. They just do it to publish certain information even with the advent of Internet. 

Then there has not been social media platforms where one can share news or events to certain set of people. 

We only search and get information from Google unless you type a word before certain information will be displayed.

But today the story has changed. you can  just browse through social media handle like Facebook, twitter or likedin. And you might see a page that is shared from a website, if you click on it, that Will lead you to Google property. 

So today, through the Advent of social media a lot of things has came up, a blogger or an influencer can have thousands or millions of followers in his/her social media package.  

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And you know that means any time he/she share s information, more views will come in and that means more money. 

So alot of real Nigerian bloggers have millions of these followers in their social media handles, thus making them to manage their site effectively and make so much money from it. 

So let's see some of these 21st century bloggers . The first on the list is the honorable Linda Ikeji. This her biography.


Linda became an active blogger in 2007 after she have tried so many opportunities. 

Her blog domain was formally lindaikekisblog.blogspot .com, untill her blog was shot down by Google due to content theft or it may be that someone had reported her blog because she do alot of posting. 

But in Less then 48 hours the issue was resolved and  she also customized her blog afterwords to Lindaikejisblog.com

Your konw if someone is using a registered blog that person can sign up with different publisher not only AdSense. 

The number of visits she is getting from the registered domain and ads from somany publishers helped her to make lots of money. Because that enabled her to put alot of banner ads from different publishers.

When Linda's blog was shot down because of content copping, that gave her an insite to recruit her own journalist, that was her she begain to blog on a professional level and money started flowing.

she made slot of money, publishing originally contents and visitors to her blog always come back knowing that they will be fed with quality informations.


UCHE Eze's website is popularly known as bellanaija where she publishes quality and trending events, wedding and lifestyle.

Her blog received over 200 million impression every month, people visit her blog to see trending foreign and native fashion. 

The blog looks so rich and colourful, she even embed YouTube videos to entertain her audience so they'll keep coming back.


A formal banker, She left her banking career to become a full-time blogger. w

she discovered that she can really make a living from blogging and  instead of wasting time in the banking sector she rather followed her dreams.

She started blogging in 2012 with a simple website, but she later dish that one, and later she open another one in a more professional way.

When her new blog started receiving a lot of visitors and started ranking on eraxa, she decided to quit banking

Her blog posts are always the first seen on Google news that alone attracts a lot of views for her.

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