When I was a young boy, football was football, but today football is Messi and Cristiano. Thomas Muller cries out.

Football is Messi and Ronaldo

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo has taken over the face of football on the internet, that you can hardly see a football headline that doesn't contain their names.

According to Thomas muller, you can't enjoy a  morning in your balcony reading a news paper or browsing down your device without seeing anything about them.

Recent in football: Europa 2020; players deserve to play in front of fans.

soon they will retire and we will have a chance to talk and enjoy football the proper way again

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In Germany we are taught that football is a team sport not 1v1 sports.

The internet will be a quiet place with fairness to every footballer. Not what's happening now is too much.

Soon they will retire and we will have 

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