#Dss captures Sowore's men at Dunamis church, Abuja


Dss captures Sowore's men at Dunamis church, Abuja

There was gentle show at the central command of the Dunamis Global Gospel Community, situated along Air terminal street, Lugbe, Abuja, on Sunday, when authorities of the Branch of State Security Administrations (DSS), raged the congregation to impact capture of certain adolescents who took their mission for the exit of President Muhammadu Buhari to chapel. 

The young people, around 10 of them, were said to had wore Shirt with engraving #BuhariMustGo to the congregation, perhaps, to attract more allies to their camp and intensify their call for exit of the President whom they blamed for being nepotic, sectional and come up short on the ability to change the country. 

It was accumulated that the adolescents remained all through first help and paid attention to the message mindfully, and needed to yeild to call for salvation (special raised area require) the individuals who need to give their daily routines to Christ or re-commit their lives to Christ, yet were greeted in transit out of the congregation by the nearby church security authorities on a suspect of an unfairness. 

They were kept by the nearby church authorities for a few hours while anticipating the appearance of the authorities of the DSS for additional activity. 

Notwithstanding, calls, text and whatsapp messages shipped off some congregation authorities including the nearby assistants of the Main leader of the Congregation, Dr. Paul Enenche, for additional explanations on the matter returned unanswered. 

Nonetheless, an admirer recognized as Jackson, affirmed the emotional occasion that occurred at the premises of the Dunamis Church on Sunday, complimenting the neighborhood church security authorities for expertly dealing with the matter which might have been confused to be that the congregation was supporting/supporting uprising against the public authority. 

The admirer affirmed that the adolescents showed up in the congregation with a Shirt bearing #BuhariMustGo engraving and surprisingly showed up before the raised area as first time admirers. 

In the mean time, the basic liberties extremist, Omoyele Sowore, affirmed to Every day Sun that 10 his men were bothered, scared and captured at the Dunamis church for showing up in a Shirt with engraving #BuhariMustGo on it. 

He said: "These adolescents are church individuals who were in the congregation for typical Sunday administration. They even needed to show up at the front of the congregation for special stepped area call. At the point when they were leaving, they were greeted by the congregation security authorities to cover the engravings on their shirts. 

"The congregation security authorities hindered them and demanded that they should cover the #BuhariMustGo engravings on their shirts. At the point when they wavered, the congregation security authorities confined them at the congregation security post and started to attack them. The young people had to erase the live web based recordings they were doing on Facebook and other online media networks. 

"They were 10 in number yet five had effectively left with the vehicle that brought them. The other five that were captured were trusting that the subsequent vehicle will come get them when they were captured. 

"While on detainment, the congregation security authorities welcomed the DSS authorities who arrived in a hilux van and two force bicycles to pick the adolescents from the congregation. That was what unfolded. I don't have the foggiest idea about their way about now, and I have attempted to arrive at the congregation including the Chief minister, Dr. Paul Enenche, yet no reaction."

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