I want to have a child with Kanye West; Azealia Banks.


Azealia banks tells her fans that she wants to have a child with Kim-kardashians's Kanye West, following her recent new single promotions.

She has been using Kanye  West to promote her new single as she shares a photo with him on Friday morning.

To fuel the fire, she also shared a  picture of herself with Kanye from a few years ago, referring to them as Mom and Dad. Meanwhile her single " f**k him all night" continues to perform well amongst the new release.

When her post of having a child with Kanye West started getting attention, she backtracked and remarked that she was simply joking.

Azealia and Kanye West have always been rivals in the past, they haven't always had a strong relationship, as Azealia had always use  her platform to insult Kim and Kanye.

Well this might be a turn around for them both, may be they might be eyeing each other secretly.

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