The youngest king in Egypt Tutankhaman

Tutankhaman Egypt treasures

Egypt the Oldest civilization in history has one of her kings called Tutankhaman, he is the youngest king in Egypt, this is the reason behind this article because is the Story and the secret of the youngest king in Egypt who died at the age of 18; Tutankhaman

His feureri riches has being displayed all over the world, but now they are all coming back to Egypt. 
In Cairo in the shadows of great pyramids, engineers build a billion dollar museum and is a reservation for Tutankhaman wealths. The grand Egypt museum will house all his 5000 treasures in one place for the first time in a 100 years and one of the center pieces of the museum would be Tutankhaman golden coffin. 

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The coffin is one of the priceless treasures found in Tutankhaman's tomb.

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When they open the tomb in November 1922, they discovered a world of treasures and the gifts Tutankhaman will use in the after life. 

A golden chariots, his thrones and provision of foods. Behind the false wall is a stone coffin protecting the kings, Inside the coffin there are two more coffins, the inner most one is made of solid gold and covered in gem stones and inside that, behold, the mummy of of Tutankhaman wearing a magnificent death mask, the most famous find in the old Egypt.

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