Health: Various pregnancy changes during different trimesters.


During pregnancy, they are alot of changes during different trimesters. These changes are encountered by pregnant women as a result of increase in their hormonal constituents. 

There is a school of taught that says if a woman is pregnant of a baby girl, her hormones increases drastically then when she is pregnant of a baby boy. 

This is because as a woman, female hormone mixes with that of the baby girl in her womb, that will now lead to rise in the her own hormone causing alot of uncomfortable changes to her.

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Let's look at some of the change during the 3 tremesters of pregnancy.

  • First Trimester.

This stage is between 0-3 months of pregnancy. 

At first trimester the are several symptoms encountered which include change in sense of smell, headache, stomach pain, pain in the lower abdominal region, inability to eat and enjoy a meal, nausea and vomiting e.t.c

Now the change is not bond to all women, some may experience all of this changes, some may experience few.

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While some women don't have any of this symptoms at all, that is why some women may get to their 3rd trimesters without knowing their even pregnant at all.

Now to manage these symptoms or changes so that you'll be happy and won't give up the pregnancy, for those that encounter this serious change these are some tips.

  1. Avoid oily foods as such causes alot of heart burn and do not eat fresh fries no matter the temptation.
  2. You can just take light food like biscuit and cold milk and don't take too much to avoid throwing up. 
  3. Take fruit like apples and pears and avoid too much fruits that contain acids as such could cause tomach pains or miscarriages.

  • Second Trimester

This is between 3-6 months.

At this stage the disturbing symptoms are almost calming down, the pregnant woman can now eat obviously everything and she now start enjoying the foods she finds difficult to eat at the first trimester. 

At this stage the baby have developed all its organs and is now getting ready to be delivered, also the baby increases in size at this stage.

 That's why it is advisable for the pregnant women to reduce the intake of fatty foods or weighty food even if they can now enjoy there food at this,.

So at this stage feotal development of organs is complete and Mom's belly also increases in size.

No more early morning vomiting and feverish or nausea conditions. 

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Most pregnant women found their relieve at this stage and at facial look at them you will sense some relieve. Most of them throw a baby shower at this second trimester when they are not getting overdo or heavyly pregnant, the belly'll still be looking tender and yummy.

  • Third Trimester.

At this stage the pregnant woman is becoming too heavy and no serious symptoms is normally encountered but some traces of signs such as pimples in the face, change of look and appearance. 

At this stage the pregnant mom is now getting ready for the delivery day.

It is advisable for pregnant mothers not to think alot about there delivery moment as that can lead to depression.

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