Jealous wife kills 3 year old step son by injecting him with insecticide in Enugu.

Jealous wife kill 3 year old step son by injecting him with insecticide in Enugu.

A jealous wife kills step son by injecting him with insecticide

Operatives of Enugu command  have arrested a 29 year old woman, Mrs Nnenna Eguagu for killing her 3 year old step son Victor Egwuagu by injecting him with a posinous substance.

According to the information provided by the public relation officer in Enugu, Daniel Ndukwe, on Friday 16 of April 2021, the father of the deseased, Justin Egwuagu who reported the matter to police operatives attached to 9th mile police division alleged that the child sudden death was caused by poison substance administeted to him by his step mum.

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Ndukwe said preliminary investigation revealed that suspect confessed to have killed the step son by administering the substance to the child because of her husband failure to take care of her and their daughter, and she wanted the child to become sick so that her husband will spend money to treat him.

He said that the child was confirmed death in the hospital and his corpse deposited inthe murtuary for autopsy, while the noxious Substance and the syringe she used in performing the act has been recovered and further investigation started.

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